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Fri. Apr 10th 2020
Due to the current situation which requires social distancing, our COJFD Board meeting on 4-15-20 will be held via video. Should you wish to participate in the "Public Participation" portio...
Wed. Mar 18th 2020
Beginning Wednesday (March 18), Knox County residents who think they might have COVID-19, will have a new resource to get answers to their medical questions. Knox Public Health and Knox Community Hosp...
Tue. Feb 4th 2020
Open House / Ribbon Cutting and Chili Cook-Off. Our Newly Renovated Building is Beautiful and we want to show it to you! There is Something for everyone to enjoy.Come join us on Sunday March 8, 2020...
Wed. Oct 30th 2019
The fire station is nearly 85 percent completed and special thanks goes to T.M. Construction, Mull and Weithman, and Knox County Bank for their company's continued effort in building a modern comp...
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The Central Ohio Joint Fire District's Local Government Records Retention Committee will be meeting on July 15th 6:30 P.M.. at 5138 Columbus Rd. 43011 and documents listed on our RC1 and RC2 schedules are available for public view.  To allow additional viewing opportunities under current COVID-19 regulations and departmental guidelines.  Please contact Fire Marshal Lohmeyer or Chief McCann to schedule an appointment.



Mount Vernon News Paper,

The Central Ohio Joint Fire District will be conducting hydrant flushing and flow testing in the area. We will start this on July 06, 2020 from the hours of 09:30 A.M. to 03:30 P.M. and will be completing this by August 31, 2020. Below are some frequently asked questions. We are sorry for any inconvenience while this is being performed.

Why does the Fire Department perform hydrant flushing?

Hydrant flushing is the quick release of water from fire hydrants. It’s a controlled procedure that is vital to the general maintenance of the DelCo’s water distribution system. It ensures adequate water flow is available to fire fighters, residents and businesses. It also helps maintain the DelCo’s water clarity and quality by clearing iron and mineral deposits from the water mains (distribution pipes).

What are the effects of hydrant flushing?

Hydrant flushing helps ensure water quality and helps avoid random bouts of rusty water if there is a high demand for water, such as a major firefighting effort or high usage during a sustained drought.

Sometimes hydrant flushing can make makes the water temporarily appear rust-colored because the iron and mineral deposits in the water get stirred up.

Why is my water rust/tea-colored from the hydrant flushing? Is the water safe?

Sometimes hydrant flushing can make the water temporarily appear rust-colored because the iron and mineral deposits in the water get stirred up. Water is safe to use and consume during hydrant flushing, however it may stain laundry.

The main component of the discoloration of the water during hydrant flushing is caused by iron deposits from inside the water mains. The source of the iron is naturally occurring from ground water wells and deposits in the ductile iron pipe that make up the underground water system.

How come my water is discolored, but my neighbor didn’t notice any discoloration?

If you were home when the flushing was going on and you turned on your water, you’re water may be discolored because you are drawing in the water as the city’s system is flushing it and stirring up the minerals and iron.

If your neighbors were not home all day and returned home in the evening and turned on their tap when no flushing was occurring, they most likely will not notice any discoloration.

My water is discolored. What should I do?

Wait until flushing has subsided in your area then run the cold water tap until the water runs clear. If you have a water softener and are experiencing discolored water, place the unit into regeneration or cleaning mode after hydrant flushing is completed in your area.

Remember rust colored water is safe, but it may stain laundry.

How often is hydrant flushing done?

Hydrant flushing is performed two times a year—once in the spring and once in the fall.

Tips for Minimizing Water Discoloration during Hydrant Flushing Operations

  • If possible, limit your water use.

  • Wait until flushing has subsided in your area then run the cold water tap until the water runs clear.

  • If you have a water softener and are experiencing discolored water, place the unit into regeneration or cleaning mode after hydrant flushing is completed in your area.

  • Remember rust colored water is safe, but it may stain laundry.  If this happens, keep clothes wet and treat them with stain remover.

For more information, contact Central Ohio Joint Fire District at station 420-(740)-625-5646 or Officer Cell Phone-740-504-8640 

Lt. Jason C. Whipple, 1-unit

Central Ohio Joint Fire District

5138 Columbus Road

Centerburg Ohio, 43011





The Deadline for applications has been extended to July 6, 2020 by 4pm.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to work for a great Fire District. 

Do to a death in our Central Ohio Joint Fire District Family. Your understanding and support is seen and appreciated.

Our regular monthly meeting has been re-scheduled for June 24th, 2020 at 5138 Centerburg, Ohio.  Our meeting times are at 7:00 P.M.


The Central Ohio Joint Fire District will be accepting applications and conducting candidate physical agility test for the position of FIREFIGHTER. Applicants must meet minimum qualifications to be considered for the examination. An applicant meeting minimum qualifications must be at least 18 years of age, possess a High school diploma or equivalent, possess a valid Ohio driver’s license, and possess State of Ohio Firefighter I & II and Emergency Medical Technician Certifications for Part-Time employment, State of Ohio Firefighter I & II and Paramedic Certifications for Full-Time employment. Applicants are required to pass a background check, drug screen and a physical examination prior to employment. The Central Ohio Joint Fire District is an equal opportunity employer.

The testing will be conducted at Central Ohio Joint Fire District station 420, 5198 Columbus Road, Centerburg Ohio 43011. Application must be returned by June 19 and should include a copy of your Ohio Certifications and Ohio Driver License.  The test date will be July 11, 2020. You will be contacted and given a time to arrive for your test.  You should be prepared to take both a written test and physical ability test.  All interested candidates may pick-up an application from Central Ohio Joint Fire District station 420, 5138 Columbus Road, Centerburg Ohio 43011 or print and complete application from, go to “FILES”.  Completes applications can be dropped off at the station 420 or email at



Safety Tip - Those from out west consider this time of year as the 5th season which makes them think of D.U.C.K.

The National Weather Service has a new acronym to remind children and adults alike that there are key safety rules during severe storms – especially those that might lead to tornadoes. 

The acronym is DUCK – short for: Down to the lowest level; Under something sturdy; Cover your head; and Keep in the shelter until the storm has passed, said state climatologist for Kansas, Mary Knapp.

"These simple phrases can be a quick reminder for anyone of their safety plan during the chaos of a storm," said Knapp, who directs the Kansas Weather Data Library, based at Kansas State University. She is a K-State delegate to the Extension Disaster Education Network



We are humbled and respectful of the trust our community has shown The Central Ohio Joint Fire District by supporting our mission - To safegaurd our community and all who call for help.

On behalf of The Central Ohio Joint Fire District Board, Dr. Orth - Medical Director, Robin Santo - Clerk, the Officers and Firefighters we say THANK YOU
Chief Mark McCann
Ohio Responds to COVID-19 Continued Closures The following businesses and operations are to remain closed per existing Stay at Home Orders unless a variance is granted or until related orders are amended or rescinded
. • K-12 schools and daycares.
 • Restaurants and bars. o Carry-out and delivery services are permitted. m
• Personal appearance/beauty services. o Includes hair salons, day spas, nail salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, body piercing locations, tanning facilities, massage therapy locations and similar businesses.
 • Older adult day care services and senior centers. 
• Adult day support or vocational habilitation services in congregate settings.
 • Rooming and boarding houses, and workers’ camps.
 • Entertainment/recreation/gymnasium sites. o Includes, but is not limited to: ▪ All places of public amusement, whether indoors or outdoors, such as: 
• Laser tag facilities, roller skating rinks, ice skating rinks, arcades, indoor miniature golf facilities, bowling alleys, indoor trampoline parks, indoor water parks, arcades, and adult and child skill or chance game facilities remain closed. 
• Gambling industries. For more information, visit:
 • Auditoriums, stadiums, arenas. 
• Movie theatres, performance theatres, and concert and music halls 
• Public recreation centers and indoor sports facilities. 
• Parades, fairs, festivals, and carnivals. • Amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor water parks, children's play centers, playgrounds, and funplexes. • Aquariums, zoos, museums, historical sites, and similar institutions. • Country clubs and social clubs. ▪ Spectator sports, recreational sports tournaments and organized recreational sports league
▪ Health clubs, fitness centers, workout facilities, gyms, and yoga studios. 
▪ Swimming pools, whether public or private, except swimming pools for single households.
 ▪ Residential and day camps. ▪ Campgrounds, including recreational camps and recreational vehicle (RV) parks. 
• Excludes people living in campground RVs with no other viable place of residence.
 • Excludes people living in cabins, mobile homes, or other fixed structures that are meant for single families and where preexisting residential activity already has been established. (E.g., for people who have part-time preestablished residences at campgrounds for the summer months.) 
For additional information, visit For answers to your COVID-19 questions, call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-5634). Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety related to the coronavirus pandemic, help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call the COVID-19 CareLine at 1-800-720-9616.Knox County COVID-19
One Columbus has created a webpage for Federal, State, and Local COVID-19 resources. The local resources that are listed are specific to their 11 county region, which includes Knox County. 

Virtual Board Meeting

Fri. Apr 10th 2020

Due to the current situation which requires social distancing, our COJFD Board meeting on 4-15-20 will be held via video.  Should you wish to participate in the "Public Participation" portion of the meeting, we ask that you contact Inspector Phil Lohmeyer at 740-504-0095 or  to be added to the agenda.  We also encourage you to submit your questions or comments in writing ahead of the meeting so we can be prepared with an answer.  Thank you for your understanding in these unusual times.  We will get back to our regular meetings as soon as it is safe to do so.

Would you like to make a MASK?  Please visit or call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.



Ohio Department of Health (ODH) COVID-19 call center 1-833-4-ASK-ODH (1-833-427-
5634). (Open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)
 ODH COVID-19 information (
 COVID-19 status (
 COVID-19 information for the public (
 COVID-19 confirmed cases in the US (
 CDC Guidance for Administrators of Childcare Programs and K-12 Schools


 CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers (
 For information on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act go to:



VOTING for Ohio per Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio Secretary of State is allowed until April 28th Please see VOTEOHIO.Gov

Please remember to stay safe and stay home if you can!


State of Ohio COVID-19 Hotline - (833) 427-5634

Knox County Public Health - (740) 399-8014

Central Ohio Joint Fire District Business - (740) 625-5646


Open burning is prohibited in Ohio from 6 AM until 6 PM March, April, May, October and November. For more information, please click here >

Ohio open burning is regulated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as well as the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. For more information on Ohio EPA open burning rules, please click here >


COJFD Application can be found by following the link below!!



Fire Board Meeting Minutes are posted under the Files


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